Dissolved air flotation

DAF(Dissolved Air flotation) is an enhanced technology to float particles to the surface with the aid of adherent air bubbles. This process is an effective, economical wastewater treatment process that has been widely used for removing suspended solids with low density in water. DAF process is often heavily dependent on coagulant and flocculants to maximize particle collision rates and produce floc.

CH-DAF(CHENV Dissolved Air flotation) leverages the unique properties of microbubbles and delivers an industry-leading oxygen transfer efficiency. A key requirement of any aeration application is efficient oxygen transfer into the body of water. The microbubbles longevity in water, together with their high surface area per volume, makes them the most efficient aeration method on the market today and allow operators to significantly reduce operating costs.

Our microbubble generator is designed to pressurize water with air at 78 psig. CH-DAF produces billions of microscopic 20 to 70 microns, uniformly sized air bubbles that attach themselves to the particles making them strongly buoyant. The sheer concentration of microbubbles, coupled with their strong surface charge, increases collision rates and enhances the formation of floc.

Given proper water conditioning and suitable fine bubble size, even solids with densities higher than that of water can be raised to the surface of the clarifier. Once introduced into a DAF clarifier tank, they rise to the surface at the rate of approximately 10∼13 meters per hour creating a thick float on the water surface of the tank.

What separates our microbubble generator from all other designs and makes is, the microbubble generator always generates bubbles of proper size with no coarse air bubbles. Most bubble generators produce a combination of large and small sized bubbles. The net effect is a reduction in the quantity of chemicals needs to achieve flotation.



- Operates at 1/3 electrical HP compared to others.

- Eliminates costly polymer usage.

- Stable performance, low noise, easy to maintain