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The core technology for organic waste resource energization.

Biogas High-Purity Separation Refinery Development



Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., a leading environmental technology company in Paju, is drawing attention for its success in developing bio-gas high-purity separation refining technology that energizes organic waste resources in the "non-CO2 (greenhouse reduction) technology" project of the Ministry of Environment.

Till now, some local companies have been imported the biogas refining technology from overseas countries, but recently Chunghae succeeded to develop the technology and so it seems to have a great effect on alternative technologies in related fields.



Chunghae ENV (CEO Byeongkwan Lee, photo) announced on the 20th that it has succeeded in localizing bio-gas high-purity separation refining technology after five years of research as part of the Global Top Environmental Technology Development Project by the Ministry of Environment and it has been honored as Korea's New Technology (No. 216).


Chunghae ENV was certified as a new technology by the Ministry of Environment in August 2016 after co-developing bio-gas high-purity separation refining technology (four-stage separator recirculation technology) with the Korea Chemical Research Institute and it was finally proven through field research this time.




In the new technology, wet desulfurization and deammonia pretreatment technology using Chunghae ENV's organic acid iron chelate catalyst (Fe-chelate), and high purity recovery of methane gas from methane and carbon dioxide mixing gas from the Korea Chemical Research Institute added.




This technology is a system that installs multi-stage absorption towers with high-speed flow circulation and collects low concentrations of methane gas generated by the anaerobic digestion process of organic waste such as food waste to be purified and recovered as high concentration methane gas. It is a method of refining low-concentration methane gas designed to maximize the efficiency of the separate recovery process of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) gas after pre-removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3).


The four-stage separator recirculation technology developed by Chunghae ENV is a technology that produces urban gas or automobile fuel by recovering methane gas from livestock excreta and food waste disposal plants in high purity. Only some advanced countries such as Germany, France, and Japan are commercializing it.


Chunghae ENV's 4-stage separation film recirculation technology uses a 4-stage polysulfone separation film with a 98% methane recovery rate to maintain equal performance compared to the existing 2-3-stage polyimide separation film while recovering more than 95% of the carbon dioxide, having a greenhouse gas reduction effect and very competitive because the price is just one-third of foreign technologies.




Byeongkwan Lee, CEO of Chunghae ENV, said, "The research cooperation with the Korea Chemical Research Institute was very helpful until it was recognized as a New Technology in Korea." "The new technology provides an opportunity to create value-added by diversifying energy utilization as a technology that can be used not only for existing heating and electricity but also for automobile fuel and urban gas," he said.




Chunghae ENV has been designated as a promising environmental company in Gyeonggi Province and has ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. It has its own research institute and laboratory and has acquired about 30 patents specializing in water treatment.


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