Korea's water company's capabilities and plans to advance overseas.

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Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. attended the "2019 Korea Water Company Capabilities and Overseas Advancement Workshop" held at the Gyeonggi Water Industry Support Center on May 24 and introduced the company and announced about strengthening the water company capabilities.


The workshop was held to strengthen the network of officials from cooperative countries for the environment and water companies in Gyeonggi Province. To this end, 19 companies based in Gyeonggi Province and 13 trainees from eight countries participated to discuss the current state of their water industry and cooperated with Korean water companies.


The Gyeonggi Water Industry Support Center is meaningful because it is designed as part of the Gyeonggi water company's need which to expand its network, overseas government officials, and the need of trainees from environmental cooperation countries in Korea.


After three of the MGLEP trainees at the Graduate School of International Studies, the workshop announced the current status of the water industry in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China. The workshop was followed by corporate introductions and technology announcements by water companies in Gyeonggi Province. The water companies in Gyeonggi Province that made the announcement were BL Process, Korea Alkaline Water, and Chunghae ENV, and later had time to build a friendship through dinner with question and answer.


Following the workshop, the Gyeonggi Water Industry Support Center will also hold a summer-winter internship to help water companies build a continuous network with trainees from environmental cooperation countries.



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