Signing memorandum of understanding on friendship and cooperation with China Balhae University

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Byeongkwan Lee, CEO of Chunghae ENV in Geumchon-dong, Paju, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Roh Jung-bae, head of Korea Exchange Bureau at Balhae University in China to enter the Chinese environment sector.


Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. (CEO Byeongkwan Lee), one of the nation's leading environmental companies that started with the motto of "The freeman working with faith." signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Balhae University in China and entered the Chinese environment sector.


Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. announced on the 12th, "We signed an MOU with Balhae University in China on December 30 last year and will enter the endless Chinese environment field in earnest. “


With the signing of the MOU with Balhae University, Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. plans to actively enter the environmental sector of the railway sector, which plays a key role in Chinese transportation, along with China's Liaoning Province Railroad.


The MOU with Balhae University will serve as an opportunity for our company to enter China beyond Korea," CEO Byungkwan Lee said. "It has become possible to secure China's professional human resources and exchange with similar companies."


"Considering our company's environmental technology and construction performance so far, we have superior skills and technology compared to any other environmental company in China," he said with confidence.


Roh Jung-bae, director of Korea Exchange Bureau at Balhae University, said, "China's environmental field is vast and has limited potential for entry due to lack of environmental technology. Chunghae ENV's excellent technology and accumulated experience will also show excellent performance in China."


Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., which marks its 18th anniversary this year, was selected as the first small and medium-sized enterprise to acquire Green Biz (Green Management Excellence Company) by the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration, Gyeonggi Province.


With wastewater treatment design, consignment management, air emission facilities, and water and sewage facilities as major projects, it has carried out 150 projects including wastewater treatment works by domestic companies such as Lotte Department Store, Lotte Samgang, Imjingak Tourist Site, E-Mart, and Woonjeon District 2-3.


Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., which has more than 20 patents and certifications, including environmental countermeasures such as Ionics promotion method and odor removal ion integrated spraying system, is also widely known as a company that practices social enterprise ethics.


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