Support for customized project costs for 11 excellent environmental companies in Gyeonggi-do Province

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Gyeonggi Province will select 11 small and medium-sized excellent environmental companies to support customized project costs. The province announced on the 8th that it has selected and supported 11 small and medium-sized environmental companies with high growth potential with excellent environmental technology and held a ceremony to designate and award excellent environmental companies in Gyeonggi Province on the 6th.


The selected excellent environmental companies are △ APM Engineering △ Beautiful Environment Construction Co., Ltd. POSBEL △ MAT Plus Co., Ltd. Dongil Canvas Engineering △ Bumseok Engineering △ H&Tec △Chunghae ENV Haesung Engineering, △Duksan Enterprise, △Neo widnet.


These companies were designated after detailed evaluation among 27 companies that applied for the designation as companies with excellent technology to represent Gyeonggi Province in various fields, including water quality, atmosphere, waste resources, soil, and climate change software.


APM Engineering (CEO Yoon Kwan-hoon) based in Bucheon manufactures ultrafine dust collectors and exports them to the U.S. and China, while Seongnam-based Beautiful Environmental Construction (CEO Lee Jong-yeol) is participating in Kuwait's soil cleanup project and USFK soil pollution cleanup project.


Hwaseong Fosbell (CEO Na Kyung-deok) also exports waste picked plants to Japan, while Siheung-based Beomseok Engineering (CEO Shim Jae-bong) developed Korea's first ozone-destroying freon gas recovery refining device. Deoksan Industrial Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Bum-jin) based in Anseong is exporting $6.7 million worth of recycling facilities for waste organic solvents to Samsung Electronics in Xi'An, China.


The province will provide 23 kinds of incentives, including support for customized business expenses, support for domestic and foreign exhibitions, additional points for small and medium-sized business development funds, and corporate promotion through environmental industry portals.


"The designation system for excellent environmental companies was first introduced this year to foster environmental companies," a provincial official said. "We will spare no support to grow into a competitive small and medium-sized environmental company in the global market."

Source: Kyonggi Ilbo


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