Selection of environmental companies in Gyeonggi-do

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Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., which has established itself as a representative environmental company in Korea, has been selected as an environmental company in Gyeonggi Province.

Gyeonggi Province announced on the 8th that it has selected 11 excellent environmental companies, including Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., which has sewage treatment technology such as composite absorbers using biogas, sludge anaerobic digestion technology, and high-concentration wastewater treatment systems.

Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. has environmental research and development as well as related projects for Paju City and the whole country and has been selected as an excellent venture company in Gyeonggi Province.


It is also leaping forward as a global environmental company by participating in the Green Road Show in Shanghai and the World Solar Energy Expo.


Especially, it was honored to receive the Minister of Environment Award, the highest award of the 2013 Green Environment Awards.


If selected as an excellent environmental company, more than 20 incentives will be given, including customized business expenses for companies, support for participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions, and additional points for applying for funds to foster small and medium-sized companies.


"If we foster the environmental industry, we can preserve the environment and create jobs," a provincial official said. "We will actively support environmental companies to grow into competitive small and medium-sized companies in the global market."

Source: Paju Journal 2013-12-8


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