Selection of excellent venture companies in Gyeonggi-do and commendation from the head of the Gyeonggi-do Small and Medium Business Administration

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Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. (CEO Byeongkwan Lee), a leading environmental company in the city, was selected as an excellent venture company in Gyeonggi Province on the 11th to mark "Gyeonggi Venture Businessmen's Day" and honored with the commendation of the head of the Gyeonggi Small and Medium-sized Business Administration.

Organized by the Gyeonggi Venture Business Association (Chairman Lee Kang-il) and held at the Gyeonggi Small and Medium-sized Business Support Center, more than 200 people attended the event, including Lee Jae-yul, Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium-sized Business Administration chief Kim Jong-kook.

Among the 28 award-winning companies, Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. was the only one in the city to be selected, revealing the status of excellent venture companies


CEO Byeongkwan Lee, who was selected among numerous companies after passing the examination, humbly said, "I think I have been recognized for steady technology research and development," adding, "I will try harder to practice the corporate ideology of handing over a clean environment to my descendants."

Chairman Lee Kang-il said in a commemorative speech, "Today's winners remind me of borrowing 30 million won when I started my business in 1996." "We recorded 400 million won in sales in the first year, 100 billion won in orders last year, and 70 billion won in orders." "In times of difficulty, venture companies should go the way they should go with the idea that a crisis is an opportunity," he encouraged.

Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. is the first local company to become a global environmental company by being selected in several national R&D projects. It is becoming a global environmental company by receiving a green management evaluation A grade from Gyeonggi Province's excellent environmental company and Small and Medium-sized Business Administration's "Green Management Spreading Support Project."

Researchers with master's and doctorate degrees from Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. are strongly supported by research and development of cutting-edge technology and joint R&D technology development projects with Han Yang University and Daejin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group.

Source: Paju Journal 2012-12-14


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