Technology lab lights that don't go out at night.

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"The pursuit of a green environment in a beautiful world where human beings and nature coexist." Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., a leading environmental service company in northern Gyeonggi Province, is in charge of various environmental areas such as construction (water and sewage facility construction project), wastewater treatment facility design and consignment management, water supply construction agency, and environmental pollution prevention facility construction project. 

Technology lab lights that don't go out at night.

The Chunghae ENV Institute of Technology does not turn off the lights even at night. Researchers with master's and doctorate degrees from the Institute of Technology often stay up all night researching and developing advanced technologies.

The state-of-the-art devices, chemical experimental devices, and facilities of the Institute of Technology are also the workplace of a professor of environmental studies at Daejin University, which signed an agreement on "Industry-Academia Joint Technology Development."

Institutes developed many patented technologies such as "how to treat sewage altitude using MBR", "high-frequency electronic field generators that can control magnetic field strength and waves, and "how to treat high-concentration wastewater by electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves.

Especially, during the last foot-and-mouth disease, the Ion Generator Integrated Spraying System Ion Izer developed by Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. was installed in the burial site, generating not only odors but also O3 (Ozone), drawing attention as a groundbreaking system that has a sterilization effect

The system, which removes all odors and environmental disaster factors caused by eliminating, has filed a patent application for "how to remove odors and prevent groundwater contamination in livestock burial sites using special response walls."

Industry-Academic Cooperative R&D Technology Development Project (Attracting Investment from Small and Medium-sized Business Administration)

In 2008, he signed a joint agreement with the Department of Environmental Engineering at Han Yang University's Graduate School of Technology to research and develop a "high-performance liquid desulfurization catalyst using eco-friendly iron chelate."

In July 2010, it was elected to the revenue substitution section of the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration's Small and Medium-sized Business Technology Innovation Development Project. With 3.4 billion won in support, an MOU on environmental technology and facilities with Gyeonggi Daejin Techno Park, a small and medium-sized enterprise environmental technology support business institution in northern Gyeonggi-do, was signed. In collaboration with the Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group of Daejin University, the company is developing high-concentration wastewater treatment materials and systems by electromagnetic waves and ultrasound.

The Regional Project for Industry-Academic Joint Technology Development" conducted by the Gyeonggi Small and Medium-sized Business Administration signed a standard agreement with the Gyeonggi-do Second Government Complex, Korea Industry-Academic Association, and Daejin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group. With 120 million supports, the company is currently developing green cleaning technology to reduce sludge and improve anaerobic prosecution efficiency."

In addition, Daejin University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group and Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. carried out "Integrated Waste Waterway Treatment and Biogas Alternative Energy Generation Technology Development" with Gyeonggi Small and Medium-sized Business Administration and Gyeonggi Provincial Office.

 Source: Paju Journal 

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