Development of Ion Generator Integrated Spray System to Remove Stench

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Excellent malodor and sterilization effect, semi-permanent, low cost of installation and maintenance of the burial site.



The foot-and-mouth disease, which has occurred since December 21 last year, has been a national disaster, with 145,000 cattle buried in 238 places in 339 farms alone in Paju.


Now that the frozen land has melted in the spring, this time, there is a concern about secondary damage such as leachate and odor, such as soil and groundwater contamination near livestock burial sites.



Therefore, the ion generator integrated spraying system recently developed by Chunghae ENV (CEO Byeongkwan Lee), a company that thinks about the environment, is receiving intensive attention.


Eliminate all environmental hazards caused by stamping out



Severe odors from large-scale slaughter burial sites across the country can threaten the surrounding residents as a very serious environmental pollutant, so this product from Chunghae has been developed to produce eco-friendly results by considering effective and practical measures and preventive effects.


This is a successful research result by IT companies that supply to Hyundai Motor Company and the Chunghae Environment Research Institute under the guidance of Dr. Lee Sang-hoon of Engineering.


Dr. Lee Sang-hoon says, "The ionizer integrated spraying system developed this time is a groundbreaking system that not only eliminates stinks but also generates O3 (Ozone) and has a sterilization effect on burial sites."


Another advantage of this is that only 13W DC is required, so it can be operated with just a car battery in places where the power supply is difficult.


Furthermore, simple installation method that only requires the system to be installed in the outlet are drawing attention. It is semi-permanent and waterproof with a height of 90cm and a diameter of 300mm, so it does not stop even when rainwater comes in.


Materials can be made of PVCs and tin, and usually, if there are four to five outlets for burial sites, installation and maintenance costs are so low as 3 million won, and there is no secondary pollution such as noise.



As a result of the pilot installation of the pig farm in Galhyeon-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon on the 5th, it is recognized as a groundbreaking system that removes all environmental disasters caused by the disposal of the carcass including odors.


Self research center, constant investment – paving the way for the environment 


The CEO of Chunghae Environment, Byeongkwan Lee is jointly developing low carbon, green fusion system applied with renewable energy to expand energy self-reliant wastewater treatment technology with Daejin University. In collaboration with Gyeonggi Daejin Techno Park, an environmental technology support project for small and medium-sized enterprises in northern Gyeonggi Province, Chunghae is working on an academic research paper on "high-concentration wastewater treatment materials and systems by electromagnetic waves and ultrasound" and it is expected to reduce costs and drastically reduce the amount of sludge generation, which is a secondary source of pollution.


Especially, Chunghae's technology has been introduced to Japan, and the 'high-concentration wastewater treatment materials and products development project by electromagnetic waves and ultrasound’ has been adopted by SME’s Technology Innovation Development Project receiving 340 million won in budget. The company is ongoing indefinitely in the environment sector with cutting-edge technology,

The result is that Chunghae Environment, which is registered as a water quality measurement agency, has its own research institute and invests 5% of its sales in research funds.



Especially, CEO Lee has been continuing his research while completing his master's degree in environmental engineering at graduate school, also creating an atmosphere for employees to study constantly, raising their salaries if they obtain certificates.


Chunghae Environment holds various technology certificates and patents on the environment, including ISO9001:2000/KSA900L: 2001 Quality System Certificate and KSQ ISO14001:2004 Certification, ISO9001: 2008 Certification, Patents to water purification devices including high frequency with adjustable impediment intensity and waveform, electronic field generation devices and Patent application for methods for removing odors and preventing groundwater contamination in livestock burial sites using special characteristic response walls.


With the technological prowess mentioned above, Chunghae Environment has continued its infinite challenges by advancing far away even to the Happy City of Gongju-si and Ulleung-do to take charge of construction.


Environmental issues today remain a challenge for us to overcome. To create a beautiful world where humans and nature coexist, a vision of Chunghae for the future environment, is brightening our future by acquiring "Excellent Green Biz" as a leader in green management.

Source: Paju Times



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