Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. selected 'Excellent GREEN BIZ' for the first time in Korea

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Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. (CEO Byeongkwan Lee), which has established itself as a specialized environmental company, is selected as an excellent green Management company by winning "Excellent Green Biz" for the first time in Korea.


This year, the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration supported the cost of green management evaluation*diagnosis*improvement to foster 'Excellent Green Biz’.

Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. received 'Excellent Green Biz' after receiving grade A of green management evaluation A at “Project to support the spread of green management for small and medium-sized enterprises” which aims to shift to green management system and improvement of green productivity.

Organized by the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration and evaluated by the Korea Standards Association, "Excellent Green Biz" is famous for its strict and complicated selection criteria. It is pointed out that its evaluation indicators are too difficult and small and medium-sized companies rarely obtain the highest evaluation grade A, so it is necessary to make a model suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd., which was selected after passing a strict screening process, has been proven to be the best leader in the environmental service industry.


The green management evaluation is measured in a total of 20 items in five categories, including green management strategy, green management resources-energy, greenhouse gas*air pollution, and social*ethical responsibility, and the top grade will be selected as "Excellent Green Biz" and various benefits will be given along with preferential treatment by granting a confirmation letter and "Excellent Green Biz Mark."

Chunghae ENV Co., Ltd. is constantly researching and developing environmental technologies in laboratories and corporate research institutes, with venture company certification, by such talented peoples as Master of Engineering*Ph.D.

Especially, it has established itself as an excellent environmental business after receiving numerous patents. Including 'Method of High Degree Treatment of Sewage using MBR', ‘High-frequency electronic field generators capable of controlling magnetic field strength and waveform, and water purification devices including them’ and ‘The method of treating high concentrations of wastewater by electromagnetic waves and ultrasound.’

It is also conducting R&D technology development projects (attracting investment from the Small and Medium-sized Business Administration) such as joint technology development projects in Daejin Technopark, Gyeonggi Province, and global technology innovation development projects for small & medium-sized enterprises 'Global Investment Task'.


Representative Byeongkwan Lee, who was honored, said, "It seems that this honor has been given to us by using technology development and green management as the basic policy to pass on clean and beautiful nature to our descendants." and added, "We will make more efforts to fulfill our social and ethical responsibilities for environmental and management."

Source: Paju Journal 2011-03-19


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